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  • Luctus T-Shirts, Tees, Gifts & Accessories | Men's Tees. Orders Ship Same Day or Next Business Day! Intense graphics and a Latin flair make this Liquid Blue Brand an instant classic.
  • LUCTUS. A downloadable game for Windows. Download Now Name your own price. this project is still in active development. You can follow the development here: IIopn Works Youtube Channel I'll try to post updates and other stuff regularly. +++ CONNECTION ESTABLISHED +++ OH, WE HAVE SOMEONE.5/5.
  • Locusts have been feared and revered throughout history. Related to grasshoppers, these insects form enormous swarms that spread across regions, devouring crops and leaving serious agricultural.
  • 暮らしに楽しさや楽(らく)を足す。 毎日使うものはちょっとした自慢できるものでありたい。 でもたくさんの機能はいらない。喜んでもらえる食卓になるように 願いをこめて・・・ラララクタス.
  • Annum luctus is a Latin term. It means ‘year of mourning.’ The term is seen used in Roman law. It refers to the year immediately following the death of a married man, during which his widow is supposed to remain unmarried.
  • LUCTUS is a Lithuanian black metal band. The sound of LUCTUS can be described as fast and aggressive black metal with some death/thrash influences. LUCTUS main lyrical themes are as follows: negative emotions, war, nowadays decadence. Started by Kommander L. in as one-man band, LUCTUS ha read more.
  • laughter has landed me in my body and the oppressiveness of having never known what to do with it has lifted slightly. I am not sure exactly what brought on all the joking and dancing, but considering how I had felt fairly useless before, I think this is fine.
  • The following is an old definition of Annus Luctus: The year of mourning.