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  • Tomorrow's mission is to power this transition by getting the world to understand and reduce their carbon footprint. North. The climate impact of every choice you make. North automatically calculates the climate impact of your daily choices by connecting to apps and services you already use.
  • The perfect planning tool for celebrating a National Day. Our tommorrow page will help you prepare for your office meeting, a classroom theme or that family get together.
  • to·mor·row (tə-môr′ō, -mŏr′ō) n. 1. The day following today. 2. The future. adv. On or for the day following today: "I won't think of it now. I'll think of it tomorrow" (Margaret Mitchell). [Middle English to morow, from Old English tō morgenne, in the morning: tō, at, on; see to + morgenne, dative of morgen, morning.] tomorrow.
  • Jun 08,  · About “Tomorrow” 1 contributor On ‘Tomorrow’, Jorja sings about finding it hard ‘say goodbye’ to someone who was there for her and gave ‘all [their] time’ even when she ‘was forced to the edge’.