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  • Roel Funcken. Amsterdam, Netherlands. His ambient textures maintain a cinematic quality throughout, while his percussive arrangements retain a constantly mutating framework, always reconstructing its rhythm and structure, contradicting complex configurations and minimal design. It's always a pleasure to taste the latest treat from this aural engineer, and find the latest gem in his never.
  • Mar 22,  · Play this scratch a specific amount of times for exclusive bonus items! (1) Draw the AC Scratch 5 times to receive: Arm Claw B R (2) Draw the AC Scratch 10 times to receive: Gene Die-cut Mat (3) Draw the AC Scratch 15 times to receive: Grind Success (%) (4) Draw the AC Scratch 30 times to receive: Galaxy Étoile Ticket.
  • PP+2 +4% Arm / Titastin a Leg / Destren a HP+30 +20 +30 Rear / Tiraflove a. リア/ティラフラブa R-DEF 54 77 38 75 53 HP+10 PP+2 +4% Arm / Titeldum a Leg / Distrol a HP+30 +20 +30 Rear / Tireigear a. リア/ティレイギアa R-DEF 79 56 78 HP+10 PP+2 +4% Arm / Titodigo a.
  • Jun 30,  · Windows on the front open periodically, revealing 2 fake cores and one real one. Hitting the real core hides the fake cores, and leave it vulnerable to damage for a short time. Hitting a fake core causes one of the lanterns on its front to light up. When all three lanterns are lit, it enters a beserk state for a short time, relentlessly.
  • Aim-TTi PSA Series 2 Handheld RF Spectrum Analyzer with 1MHz to or GHz bandwidth options.
  • Feb 07,  · Psar Dymog 2 (Album) 3 versions: Funcken Industry: Part 2 3 versions: Djak-Up-Bitch (DUB), is a tour de force of powerful beats. IDM with hip hop, dubstep, ambient and acid mixed up in the pureed flow that is so forceful but articulate and aware. Me being a human and musician I am so impressed and inspired by this output. Spiritual.
  • Erang’s Dark Ambient Music is Set in a Mythical Realm of His Own Creation Going far beyond the constructs of “dungeon synth,” Erang has created a whole universe of legend and mythology. read more. Lifetime Achievement: The Dark Worlds of Dungeon Synth Artist Aufhocker The Unknown Part 2! "RUN" All Soundtracks. by freetousesounds.
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